Super Bowl 2019 New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams


Super Bowl Game Prediction

New England will once again rely on veteran quarterback. Tom Brady as defensive lineman Aaron Donald tries to solve a tough defense in Los Angeles in the super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Rams offense led by young quarterbacks Jared Gough and Todd Gurley and CJ Jay Anderson.

Ragbe Bowl

New England, hoping that Los Angeles will capitalize on its open-ended play and defense when needed, will lose the second straight year in the Super Bowl.

Where is the Super Bowl in the next 5 years?
Miami Gardens, Florida-2020.
Tampa, Florida-2021.
Los Angeles-2022.
Glendale, Arizona-2023.

New Orleans-2024.

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

NFL national anthem protests
NFL national anthem

The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will go to the Super Bowl LII together, each looking to end their season with a championship. The New England Patriots are six-time Super Bowl champions. The other eight Super Bowls they have been playing since 20 seasons have been exciting in one way or another, their 13-3 win against the 53 Rams in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl
Patriots vs. Rams

The Patriots, the lowest-scoring of all time, defeated the Los Angeles Rams 3-1 in the Super Bowl LIII on Sunday night at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The previous record was Super Bowl VII in 1973 when the Miami Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins 14-7. The Rams did not go to the Super Bowl after losing to the Pats and have not won a title since the 1999 season.

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

Both teams advanced to the Super Bowl with overtime wins in their conference championship game. Jared Goff is one time CJ. Pass to Anderson’s butt. As such, it appeared that Gough was trying to drop the ball under pressure, but he threw Anderson’s back.

First Quarter of NFL Final

The Rams won the coin toss and trailed in the second half, allowing the Patriots to receive the opening kick-off. But the situation didn’t start very well for New England, as Los Angeles linebacker Corey Littleton intercepted Tom Brady in the opening drive.

Super Bowl 2019
First Quarter

The game was still scoreless, with the Patriots having a chance to get on the board with 5:35 to go in the quarter, but Stephen Gostkowski threw a 46-yard field goal attempt. No other team had a chance to score goals in the opening quarter after that.

The first quarter ended: New England 0, Los Angeles 0

In the second quarter of NFL Final

After being punished in the first possession of the Rams quarter, the Patriots led off on their next drive. Gostkowski outdid himself after his previous miss, booting a 42-yard field goal with 10:29 to go in the quarter. The Rams and Patriots traded the next three possessions before entering the Los Angeles area with less than two minutes to go to the New England Quarter.

Super Bowl
The second quarter

The Patriots opted to go for it, facing fourth-and-1 on the Rams’ 32-yard line. But Brady threw an incomplete pass and knocked it down. Los Angeles was unable to acquire capital due to the sixth penalty in its first possession. New England threw the clock to finish the first half and hold a three-point lead. That is the first half of the second-lowest score in Super Bowl history. Just behind Super Bowl IX (Steelers 2, Vikings 0).

Second Quarter End: New England 3, Los Angeles 0

In the third quarter of NFL Final

The Los Angeles defense has kept them in the game, and punter Johnny Hacker did very well, even making the record with a 65?-yard punt in the quarter. The Rams finally got on the board at the end of the quarter, with Greg Zuerlein’s 53-yard field goal going 2-11 up, with the game tied at 3-3.

Patriots vs. Rams
In the third quarter

It was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in three quarters. For the first time, there were no touchdowns in the three-quarters of the Super Bowl.

Third Quarter End: New England 3, Los Angeles 3

Fourth Quarter of Super Bowl

The Patriots put together the best drive of the game after the Rams gave up the ninth inning. Starting at New England’s 31-yard line, Brady pulled in four passes, the last of which was Rob Gronkowski’s 29-yard strike that put the Pats on the Rams’ 2-yard line. In the next play, Sonny Mitchell punched it from 2 yards out for a game-only touchdown.

New England 10, Los Angeles 3


The Rams offense started to get a rhythm on their next drive, picked up two first downs and moved to the New England area with a great pair of Jared Goff. However, in the Patriots’ 27-for-2 and -10, Goff was beaten by New England cornerback Stephen Gilmore at 4.17 You stopped by.

The Patriots orchestrated a high drive to seal the game, even though the Patriots started deep in their territory. Gostkowski kicked a 41-yard field goal and pushed the Patriots’ lead to 10 points when the time was 1.12 pm.

New England 13, Los Angeles 3

Super Bowl
Fourth Quarter

It was a double-possession game; the Rams returned to Juerlin to try to kick a 48-yard field goal on their next drive. However, Jurline missed the try with five seconds remaining, the Patriots took charge and Brady got on one knee to secure the Super Bowl win.

When is the game of the 2020 Super Bowl?
On February 2, 2020.

How much is a Super Bowl ticket 2020?
The between $800-$2500

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