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The ODI format is a mixture format that includes the test match and T20 skills. This format is not a boom boom game. So all the tests and T20 players can’t succeed in this ODI format. And ODI format is most played form in ICC Such as the World Cup, and Champions Trophy is representing in this format, and also Asia Cup is played in this format.
ICC ODI Batsman Ranking

ICC ODI Batsman Ranking

* Virat Kohli (INDIA) Rating Point is 895
* Rohit Sharma (INDIA) Rating Point is 863
* Babar Azam (PAKISTAN) Rating Point is 834
* Faf du Plessis (SOUTH AFRICA) Rating Point is 820
* Ross Taylor (NEW ZEALAND) Rating Point is 817

Virat Kohli

Virat was born on 05 November 1988 in Delhi. At present, his age almost 31 years. He is Right-Hand top-order Batsman, and he is the current leader of the Indian cricket team. Also the leader of ICC ODI batsman ranking. Have any doubt about Virat Kohli? Who is the current leader of the ODI batting ranking or the best player in the world? He is a batsman who can win his team alone.

He runs for fun and carries the Indian team. Virat Kohli plays his first ODI match against Sri Lanka at Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium on 18 august 2008.

Virat has already 11520 ODI runs from the 239 match and 230 innings. Kohli is the fastest man ever to this milestone. He has 43 Centuries in ODI cricket. Kohli has to stay under Sachin Tendulkar for centuries, and he could break Sachin Tendulkar’s century record. He also has 54 Half-century.

Virat has no double century. Kohli’s batting average is 60.31, and the striker is 93.21. He’s not out in the nine matches. His highest run in ODIs was 183. He has 1085 boundaries and 120 six in the ODI match. As a MAN OF THE MATCH in ODI 35 times and World Cup 2 times. He has faced 12359 balls.

In 2016, Kevin Peterson talked about Virat Kohli. “he plays so aggressively that sometimes he feels earnest. It’s like remembering the way he often runs big for his team. His record of a one-day internationals match is a joke.”

Rohit Sharma

The full name of Rohit Sharma is Rohit Gurunath Sharma, who was born on 30 April 1987 at Bansod, Nagpur, and Maharashtra. The current age is almost 32 years. Rohit is a formidable batsman, and No one could be more aggressive in his day. He is a right-handed batsman and off-spin bowler on the Indian cricket team. Only people who have three double centuries in one-day international cricket and haven’t more one double century by anybody other without him.

Two hundred eighteen matches and 211 innings, he has 8686 runs in one-day international cricket. He’s unbitten in the 32 games. In One-day International cricket, Rohit has 27 Centuries and 42 half-centuries.
His batting average is 48.53, and the striker is 88.58. His highest runs in ODI cricket is 264.
He has 770 boundaries and 232 six in the ODI match. Rohit Sharma has faced 9000 balls.
As a MAN OF THE MATCH in ODI 19 times and World Cup 5 times.

Babar Azam

Babar’s full name is Mohammad Babar Azam and was born on the 15th of October of 1994 in the beautiful city of Lahore, Punjab. At present, Mohammad age almost 25 years. In just two to three years of playing for Pakistan, he has established himself as one of the most important members of the Pakistan national cricket team. The right-hand, top-order batsman is known for his discipline and attitude. Mohammad is the cousin of Akmal.

Babar Azam plays his first ODI match against Zimbabwe at Lahore on 31 May 2015 and represents the last ODI match against Bangladesh at Lord’s England in World Cup. So far He has 3359 ODI runs from the 74 competition and 72 innings.

He has 11 centuries and 15 half-centuries in ODI cricket. His batting average is 54.18, and the striker is 87.09. No double century in ODI cricket. He’s unbitten in the ten matches.
His highest runs in ODI cricket is 125. He has 289 boundaries and 31 six in the ODI match.
Babar has faced 3857 balls. Babar Azam has name Man of the Match 7 times in ODI cricket and one time in the World Cup.

Faf du Plessis

His full name is Francois du Plessis, and he was born on 13 July 1984 at Pretoria. At present, his age over 35 years. Faf is also a right-handed batsman and right-handed leg spinner. Francois is a frontline middle-order batsman known for his innings ability. Francois du Plessis, known as Faf du Plessis, is the current captain of the South Africa cricket team in all three formats.

ODI cricket made its first du Plessis debut against India on 18 January 2011, and he played an unbeaten 60 in that match, and he plays the last game vs. Australia at Emirates Old Trafford on 06 Jul 2019. So far He has 5507 ODI runs from the 143 game and 136 innings.

He has 12 centuries and 35 half-centuries in ODI cricket. His batting average is 46.67, and the striker is 88.57 and no double century in ODI Cricket. He unbitten in the 18 matches and the highest runs in ODI cricket is 185.
Francois has 495 boundaries and 66 six in the ODI match and faces 6218 balls. He has name Man of the Match 9 times in ODI cricket and one time in the World Cup.

Ross Taylor

Ross’s full name is Luteru Ross Poutoa Lote Taylor and born on 08 March 1984 at Lower Hutt, wellington. At present, his age is above 35 years. He is a right-hand batsman and right-arm off-break bowler of the New Zealand cricket team. He is playing the vital role of middle-order batsman for New Zealand cricket team. Taylor became the highest ODI century-maker for New Zealand 2016. Before concentrating on cricket, Taylor was a hockey player. Consider as one of the best cricketers ever from New Zealand.

Taylor plays his first ODI cricket match against West Indies at Mclean Park, on 01 March 2006 and last ODI match Plays vs. England at lord’s on 14 July 2019. He has scored 20 centuries and 50 half-centuries in ODIs, and his highest score in the format is 181 runs with unbeaten. So far he has 8371 ODI runs from the 228 match and 212 innings.

His batting average is 47.83, and the striker is 82.95. He has no double century and unbitten in the 37 matches.
Taylor has 693 boundaries and 140 six in the ODI match. Faf du Plessis has faced 6218 balls. Ross Taylor has been named Man of the Match 16 times in ODI cricket and three times in the World Cup.

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